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Regulations for Visiting Shooting Room

of Independent Non-profit Institution for Supplementary Vocational Education

“Ural Inter-Regional Security College”

Revision 2 dated April 11, 2017., Ekaterinburg

These Regulations for Visiting are mandatory for all (without exception) visitors of the shooting room of Independent Non-profit Institution for Supplementary Vocational Education “Ural Inter-Regional Security College” (hereinafter referred to as “Shooting Room”) and aimed at creation of most safe and comfortable environment for all visitors during work of the institution. Please read and observe them.
If a person decides to visit our Shooting Room, he/she confirms his/her acceptance of these Regulations.
The shooting room is a private outlet, and the established regulations cannot be objected by visitors thereof.

  1. General
  2. Location address of Shooting Room: 620014, Ekaterinburg, Sheynkman Street 7.
  3. Management of the Shooting Room reserve the right to correct the schedule of work and enter alterations in activity of Shooting Room without any preliminary notice.
  4. Regulations of Shooting Room are universal for all visitors of our outlet.
  5. When visiting Shooting Room for the first time, a visitor is obliged to show a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or that of a citizen of any other state recognized by the Russian Federation, to the person in charge for access.
  6. In case of violations of public rules or when a threat to life or health of the personnel or of other visitors emerges, as well as in other cases, a representative of the management or a security staff shall have right to refuse to render services to any visitor or remove him/her from the territory of Shooting Room at any time, without explaining the grounds of such actions and without recovery of expenses born by this visitor.
  7. Management of the Shooting Room shall not be responsible for injuries and accidents suffered by visitors in the territory of Shooting Room due to violation of Regulations for visiting by them, unless the legal fact of the management’s fault which caused making the harm is defined in a court’s decision which has come into its legal force.
  8. Management of the Shooting Room is not responsible for safety of visitors’ clothes, documents, cellular phones, jewelry and other values left without care after them or lost in the territory of Shooting Room. Be careful and do not leave your belongings unattended.
  9. Representatives of Management of Shooting Room have right to limit a number of visitors at their disposal and to refuse letting into the premises of certain persons without explaining the reasons thereof.
  10. Management of Shooting Room have right not to let therein or to insist on leaving Shooting Room persons under alcohol or drug intoxication, or persons whose aggressive or inadequate behavior creates troubles or threats to other visitors or Shooting Room’s personnel. Such persons shall not have right for recovery of their expenses.
  11. Responsibility for brining of prohibited objects and substances in the territory of Shooting Room shall be borne by visitors who performed these actions.
  12. Upon finding suspicious or prohibited objects/substances which must not be brought in Shooting Room, a visitor shall immediately inform an instructor, representative of Management or guards of Shooting Room about it.
  13. When Shooting Room suffers property damage from a visitor, the personnel of Management and security shall have right to force him/her out of the territory of Shooting Room or retain him/her until police arrives. Expenses of such visitors shall not be recovered. The property damage inflicted to Shooting Room may be penalized from faulty persons in a voluntary or judicial way.
  14. One-time violation of rules of safe handling with weapons in premises of Shooting Room and of these Regulations for Visiting Shooting Room shall cause a ban to attend classes in relation to a faulty person, including training shooting or disqualification from a shooting competition.
  15. In case of banning of a person from training classes or disqualification of a person, expenses of such person on paying the Shooting Room services shall not be returned or otherwise compensated.

  1. It is forbidden in Shooting Room:
  2. 2.1.To be under alcohol or drugs;
  3. 2.2.To smoke in places not intended for it, to use and offer to other persons alcohol, drugs and medicines prohibitive for use;
  4. 2.3.To be in aggressive mood which violates the public order;
  5. 2.4.To use bad language in communication;
  6. 2.5.Persons under 10 years cannot enter Shooting Room without their parents or legal representatives;
  7. 2.6.To wear dirty clothes or have an untidy appearance;
  8. 2.7.To be with pets or other animals;
  9. 2.8.To bring weapons of any type, including those for hunting and of limited action, service or sportive weapons, piercing and cutting objects, explosive and flammable substances, any means of self-protection, large-size bags and objects without permission for transportation and agreeing with Management of Shooting Room;
  10. 2.9.To bring food products and beverages and consume them in the territory of Shooting Room;
  11. 2.10.To enter service rooms without our manager or instruction;
  12. 2.11.To take from Shooting Room objects of the interior, shells, cartridges, weapons, sports equipment and other objects which are property of Shooting Room;
  13. 2.12.To allocate announcements, advertisement materials, conduct interviews and distribute goods without Management’s written permission;
  14. 2.13.To use open fire, explosive and flammable substances (fireworks, Bengal fire, fizgigs, etc.);
  15. 2.14.To make harm to rooms, structures, equipment, interior and other properties of Shooting Room;
  16. 2.15.To provoke conflicts and initiate quarrels;
  17. 2.16.To show disrespect to Management, instructors, service and other personnel of Shooting Room and visitors thereof.

  1. Visitor in the Shooting Room shall be obliged:
  2. To pass the primary briefing on safe handling with weapons and rules of behavior in Shooting Room;
  3. To wear goggles prior appearing in the shooting gallery and not to take them off; please also use hearing protection or ear plugs;
  4. To strictly fulfill an instruction’s directions;
  5. To observe rules of safe handling with weapons;
  6. To begin shooting only upon knowing design of the weapon, interaction of components thereof, actions of charging and discharging, methods of aiming and shooting;
  7. To have the weapon always discharged unless it is used for shooting;
  8. To charge the weapon at the instructor’s command only;
  9. To check that there are no objects on the shooting line which may cause ricochet;
  10. To hold the weapon on the shooting line in such a way that the barrel be aimed at targets, even if the weapon is not charged;
  11. While on the shooting line, not to prepare for shooting and not to aim at objects which are not related to the relevant exercises, even if the weapon is not charged;
  12. To inspect bores of the barrels before and after shooting for foreign objects; to remove the latter if necessary;
  13. To open the weapon lock not earlier than in 5 seconds after a misfire, in order to avoid consequences of a hang fire at the lock open;
  14. Upon ending of an exercise, to discharge the weapon and present it to the instructor for inspection; thereafter, to perform a control release at the instructor’s command and place the weapon into the gun holster;
  15. To take the weapon from the gun holster at the instructor’s command only, at his/her presence and in a safe direction;
  16. To give the weapon to another shooter at the instructor’s command only, at his/her presence and in a safe direction;
  17. To discontinue shooting when failure occurs in the weapon, and to inform the instructor about it;
  18. To continue shooting again only upon fixing the failed weapon or replacing of the equipment;
  19. To return the weapon in sound state to the instructor after ending of the shooting classes.

  1. It is forbidden in the shooting gallery of Shooting Room:
  2. 4.1.To take off goggles while being in the gallery;
  3. 4.2.To enter the shooting zone, charge weapon and shoot without presence of the instructor and without his/her command;
  4. 4.3.To aim weapons at people, even if it is not charged;
  5. 4.4.To turn the weapon on the fire line apart from the shooting direction;
  6. 4.5.To touch the weapon when people are in the shooting zone;
  7. 4.6.To be with ammunition in the safety zone;
  8. 4.7.To use defective weapons;
  9. 4.8.To chamber a cartridge with excessive force or to ram it;
  10. 4.9.To use cartridges not intended for shooting from this type of weapon;
  11. 4.10.To use for shooting defective cartridges, cartridges with expired period of use and cartridges after misfire, or cartridges equipped with objects not intended to be striking elements;
  12. 4.11.To independently disassemble, assemble, repair of basic units and mechanisms of the weapon, and to modify their design;
  13. 4.12.To perform shooting under alcohol, drug or other intoxication;
  14. 4.13.Persons who are not in the Shooting Room staff may not instruct visitors without an appropriate written permission of the Management for it;
  15. 4.14.To enter service rooms destined for the Shooting Room staff only, except for cases of a special invitation;
  16. 4.15.To go out of the shooting zone without warning the instructor.

  1. On limitation of access of weapons into the Shooting Room shooting zone:
Visitors and personnel of the Club may bring their personal award weapon and service weapon only upon checking of permissive documents for this weapon by our security service. Weapons shall be brought discharged, separately from the magazine, on basis of a written permission signed by Director of the Club, with entering an appropriate record in the log for registration of brining weapons, with indication of the weapon’s owner data, purpose of bringing the weapon, and the time when the weapon was brought in and out.

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